a video-tastic lesson for the European Day of Languages

September 25, 2012ESOL,

‘ve gone a little You Tube crazy for class tomorrow. I start with a prediction task: watch the video & guess what you think class will be about.



Hopefully my lovely E1s will be able to say say very quickly – greetings! With it being Eauropean Day of Languages I wanted to do a lesson where they can share their languages and of course learn some English, so greetings it is. After that little introduction I thought we could atart with guestures used internationally and there is this lovely video which I’ll use to pre-teach the vocab and ask them how they greet different people in their country

I’ll then give then the poster from CILT about langauges and activities and ask them how many languages/countries they know. Depending on time and interest we may look at some of the activities too, and ask if they like doing any of these, but I can come back to these in another lesson. From here we’ll move onto a listening activity – I got a couple of my lovely colleagues to make a vox pox for me of six different scenarios and they way we greet different people. The students have to match the dialogue to the people, we’ll do some drilling where necessary and then I introduce the dice (thanks to @tinaboon for reminding me about the brilliance of dice!) In groups the students have to roll the dice and then practice together the number corresponding to that dice. Well, we’ll see how it goes! The final task is about them sharing in groups how they greet people and what words they use. From this I hope to be able to make a display of greetings from their countries. Hopefully. Phew.

And then as a recap to come back to a video, and ask them what they think the 10 most common languages.

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