Bye Bye Posterous

an empty blog

an empty blog


Following the acquisition of the fabulous Posterous Spaces by Twitter in March 2012, they have now announced that the service will close for good as of April 30th.

My cathywint online persona grew through my blog, and was just the first of many many posterous spaces I used. I had a space for many classes (CELTA, DTELLS, PTLLS) including the most recent Technology For Learning Delivery.

After researching various possibly digital portfolio options for the Tech for Learning Delivery Course, I was reminded of the wonderful-ness of posterous and chose this as the tool to present to the group. Foolishly, at the time I thought a service owned by Twitter would make it a safer option (oh the lessons I have to learn)

It was only in week two of the course, when it became clear that tutors on the course were not able to create new posterous sites that I became aware of a possible problem. As the first parts of the course look at developing an online identity, staying safe online and checking the authenticity of online information, this issue has been a central discussion point – how much can we trust in the social media sites that we invest so much time (but not – directly – any money) in.

One upside of having this early warning sign of impending closure was that a Plan C was put in place for the digital portfolio – we are all using the wiki function within the college’s VLE. There are so many issues with this, predominantly the complete lack of collaboration between tutors on the course while developing their portfolios but I think it was the best choice in the short time I had to research and make a decision. At least I know the VLE is supported by the college techies, and this is an important consideration.

So with the service closing down, I have to consider where I’ll house all these blogs. My professional blog has been trimmed, reviewed and autoposted to this blog. The Tech for Learning course has been re-housed on Blogger (the autoposting service was so so easy to use and with only a handful of posts to transfer was pretty speedy). I’m not sure what to do with the CELTA blog. It’s pretty large as this is the third year we’ve used it. I also have a HE Forum blog to re-house, along with the blog we’re using for my current RSA project on HE students, tutors and Mobile Tech.

WordPress? Blogger? Tumblr? ANOther?



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