Digital Literacy Skills Put to the Test

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Who would have thought getting videos of an iPad and audio of an iPhone would be so challenging!

In the PTLLS class this week five groups gave presentations summarising legislation and codes of practice and making reference to the relevance to their vocational area and their role as a teacher.

There were three students missing from the group, so as the presentations started the group agreed it would be a good idea to record them. As this was a last minute decision I grabbed what was handy, which was the iPad, and the trainees took it in turns in recording each other. I must have had a Small Inkling that it wouldn’t be that straightforward so I also set the voice memo recording on my iPhone as well.

I use the voice memo quite a lot, especially in the CELTA classes where I record the final round up of feedback and post this to the CELTA blog. This has always been a very simple matter of emailing the said voice memo, and hey presto, it appears on the course blog.  Minimal fuss.

All Sorts of Problems

I have tried several different things to share both the videos and the audio recordings. It has certainly not been an easy journey and has really rested my ICT and digital literacy (are they the same thing??) skills

1. First I tried to upload the video files into my Dropbox account. This was incredibly slow. Slow slow slow. I thought at first it was because I was on the college wifi, so I paused the sync and waited til I got home. Even on the home wifi it was slow.

2. I then tried my first ever upload to You Tube. I was really conscious that I hadn’t talked to the students about where the videos would go, other than onto the course VLE page, so I made my trial upload private. I learn that to be able to view the video I would need to invite each student and they would need a You Tube account. That’s a big expectation so felt I couldn’t really go any further down this avenue.

3. I went back to the Dropbox files and found a couple of videos had now synced with my Dropbox folder on the macbook. I then experimented with adding these to the course VLE page. I embedded the trial You Tube clip (which worked fine while I was logged in, but as it was private wouldn’t be viewable without invitations and a You Tube account) and uploaded one of the clips from my Dropbox account.

This was incredibly frustrating as the college VLE is painfully slow at the moment. I did manage to create a link, but this just gave you to the audio, not the video so not really sure what went wrong here. At this point was getting most peeved and decided to sack the videos and concentrate on the audios – at least this way the trainees would have these for reference.

4. I went to each audio in the voice memo and did as I usually do, but for some reason this hasn’t worked. Nothing appeared on the blog. I did a trial with a shorted audio to my own email. Nothing. I tried emailing it from both my work and my private email account. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

5. A quick search on the web and I found that the voice memos sync with iTunes. Managed this ok and researched creating MP3 files, although in hindsight I didn’t actually need to do this as the posterous blog automatically convert audio files. All I had to do was figure out which (of the many) voice memos were from the trainees on Friday, rename then, and upload to the course posterous blog. Done.

How hard was that. I hope they appreciate it!!!!

What I’ve learnt

  1. Uploading a video from the iPad to You Tube is incredibly easy, and embedding this into the VLE page is also within my current skills. Something to think about with the CELTA course starting. Observing trainees could be asked to record up to 30 secs of their peers teaching and use this clip as a basis for their feedback.
  2. If I want to use You Tube like this I need to research this further and talk to the trainees about how they feel about their videos being shared, either opening or privately between the group.
  3. That there appears to be something wrong with my iPhone. I realise that I have recently emailed some photos from an earlier PTLLS session to the course blog that haven’t arrived, so it’s not just the voice memo function that there is an issue.
  4. While researching issues with the voice memo I came across Dropvox. A Dropbox app which records voice memos and automatically syncs with Dropbox. Could be the way forward.


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