E-moderator course – adapting ice breakers for online courses

I’ve just started the e-moderator course at International House. It’s really interesting using Moodle from the POV of a student rather than as a teacher. I’m not totally sure what I think about it as a platform. It seems that there are a lot of ‘clicks’ just to get somewhere and it does feel a bit frustrating figuring out where everything is and what’s important at what time. I was already thinking for the next CELTA that I want to create some short videos (possibly using Jing) to orientate trainees with the site and this experience has definitely resolved me to do this.

The first task that I’ve been doing tonight has been fun. It was a ‘Share your Top Three’ activity. We’ve discussed books, music and biscuits! I added my Top Three Games (no prizes for guessing my no. 1) One task for this week is to think about how we can adapt ice breakers for online courses, so that a group can bond in the same way that a f2f group needs to at the beginning of a course. Time to switch Holiday Brain off and Teaching Brain on!

One thing that was difficult about this task was remembering who everyone was – so in true gadget style, I had the iPad open at the profile page, while I had the forum open on the laptop, so I could link about to who each person was replying.

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