Literacy Practices: travelling with tech


I am heading to Coventry for an interview for the LSIS Research Development Fellowship. I am really excited about this opportunity to undertake supported research and I view the £2000 grant that is attached to it as a kind of personal CPD fund. If successful I will need to use some of this money to fund travel to the three day residentials that are planned, as well as the planned dissemination event. I will need to ask what the rest of the money can be spent on, but I assume I would be able to use it to attend other events or pay for cover for my teaching.

Travelling to Coventry is again showing the value of mobile technology as I have planned my 10 minute presentation while travelling. For this I have used my two current favourite apps: Evernote and Bamboo Paper. In Evernote I saved all the details of the interview today, the application pack and my bid so that I can easily review these. In Bamboo Paper I’ve made use of the zoom feature to make notes, used the different coloured pens and inserted a photo. The photo is of a section of my application, open in Evernote, which was taken with the iPad function and inserted into Bamboo Paper.


Now I’m sat with the portable keyboard on my lap typing away.

I remember writing a paper for my MA several years ago, and the introduction examined my own literacy practice while travelling by train. I recall sitting with my laptop open, surrounded by paper listening to music on my iPod (this was in the heading pre-iPhone days). I recall becoming conscious of switching between different activities – I had a novel with me, some academic reading (on paper), my paper notebook and Word open on the laptop.

Not so dissimilar to what I’m doing today really, except today all these things are captured on one (or two if you could my smartphone) device.

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