Memorable Moment #2 : CELTA


Observing the CELTA trainees teaching the ESOL students can be …… how can I put this ….. challenging. But in amongst the challenges of observing people new to teaching, supporting them in being reflective of their own and others practice and giving constructive and meaningful feedback there are moments of real joy.

Observing ESOL students learning and enjoying that learning, while being taught by my CELTA traineesĀ  – well that’s hard to beat.

Here are some of the Memorable Moments from 2013.

Early on in the CELTA course a level 1 student, attending a free class delivered by the CELTA trainees, approached one of the trainees that had taught a session on the passive. The student thanked the trainee and said he had never understood this before, but now he does.

A trainee who had struggled with really listening to students, grading his own language and moving away from explanation heavy lessons had a ‘light-bulb moment’. He planned and delivered a good lesson where he had really researched the language, asked good eliciting questions and really engaged the students in the lesson. This was a real turning point for him.

In tutorial, where a fairly quiet trainee talked about how the CELTA was the best course he had ever done and he couldn’t believe how much he had learned in such a short time.

One week NO entry 2 students show up for free class. A minor panic later I found there was a group of 16-18 E2 students without a teacher. I was really concerned about one trainee in particular. She was struggling with the course and I wanted to give her an opt out if she wasn’t confident in delivering to this new group of students. She didn’t take this get out. And delivered her best lesson of the course. The students really engaged with her and when asked their about the three tutors they had had, they said that this trainee was the best one. It gave a real boost to her and she continued to progress and passed the course successfully.

Being given an apple as an end of course gift. Classic.

apple for the teacher
Image: ‘beatles apple’



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