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Email updates: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the social media sites that I have an account, spend some time updating my profile and joining groups, but have not really got to grips with. The log in system has always been a bit off putting – I could never remember my password and then the extra security of typing in the ‘code’ never seemed to work for me, so every time I would make a conscious effort to check my account I’d give up at the first hurdle.

I do get regular email updates from the groups I have joined, but over the weeks and months I can’t say that I even bother to read them, they get instantly deleted without so much of a glance. Scanning though my emails today I see one from the HEA digest, saying that I haven’t visited the group recently and to help keep my email tidy they have unsubscribed me from the group’s digest. How very thoughtful of them.

I seem to have a small recollection of similar emails from other groups, which would explain why this is the only update I’m getting. Ho Hum.

Email updates: Diigo Groups


I have had a Diigo account since 2010, when Delicious was taken over by Yahoo and there were lots of discussions about the service being closed down. Then, at a RSC-YH event I went to a session on making the most of Diigo and heard about how Diigo Groups can be used to create student accounts to allow collaborative link sharing, and that this can easily be embedded into Moodle. I then started to explore this a little more.

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Email Updates: Higher Education Network & HE in FE briefing

January 22, 2013reflections

The Guardian’s Higher Education Network

The tag line for the Guardian’s Higher Education Network is ‘Bringing together advice, insight and best practice, from and for professionals working in higher education’ and I have subscribed to get weekly email updates. Being Advanced Teaching and Learning Coach for HE within an FE college I have to be honest and say these updates have only limited value as there is a heavy focus on universities and formal research, which is not always relevant to my setting.

I get updates to both my work and personal emails and consistently find myself deleting them from work knowing that I can check them later at home – which seems a little odd, as of all the updates I receive this is probably the one that is most tied to my specific role and maybe something I should prioritize within work time.

I do find that I scan through the updates, particularly when I am drafting a blog update for the HE Forum, as we are working hard in college to develop a stronger HE culture, which is challenging when HE is so comparatively small against the FE provision. Other sources of news from the HE world comes from the QAA and the HEA.

Higher Education Academy He in FE briefing

The HEA’s section on HE in FE is much more relevant and this is a useful resource to share with other HE tutors. It is a shame that the college is not affiliated to the HEA as there are often grants available that we are not eligible to apply for.

Email updates: ESOL-Research

ESOL-Research is a discussion forum for researchers and practitioners with an interest in research into teaching and learning ESOL. ESOL-Research is managed by James Simpson at the School of Education, University of Leeds. Action for ESOL campaign Website: Twitter: Facebook: Action for ESOL Online petition:

I have been a subscriber to the ESOL-Research Jisc-mail since it was first started, way back in 2006 (how time flies!!). Initially I would get an email update for each individual post, and if I’m honest I was probably a bit hit and miss about which I read and which got automatically deleted. When my email changed in 2008, this was one thing that got missed off the list to update so I was out of the loop (so to speak) for a while.

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I have known about NATECLA since my early days of teaching in the UK, when I first started working I had a vague awareness that my colleague was on the local committee, NATECLA news and a copy of Language Issues was usually to be found in the office and each year someone from the department went to the national conference, but it was only about 3 years ago that I became a member myself.

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International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

In February 2012 I was fortunate to be able to present a workshop on Social Media, Mobile Technology and CPD at the MATE & IATEFL Marrakech 1st ICT Conference. As a result I was offered a one year membership to IATEFL, including membership to the Learning Technologies SIG.

Membership benefits include regular publications, including six copies of the magazine IATEFL Voices and a free conference selections publication, an annual conference, fourteen Special Interest Groups and funding support.

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British Educational Research Association

As part of the LSIS funded Research Development Fellowship I have a year’s BERA membership which dropped through the post this week.


Membership benefits include discount at the annual conference, over 30 special interest groups (SIG) free access to major educational research journals and the opportunity to be part of a vibrant, forward-looking community of educational researchers.

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Digital Literacy Skills Put to the Test

Apple GadgetsAttribution: Image: ‘The Setup

Who would have thought getting videos of an iPad and audio of an iPhone would be so challenging!

In the PTLLS class this week five groups gave presentations summarising legislation and codes of practice and making reference to the relevance to their vocational area and their role as a teacher.

There were three students missing from the group, so as the presentations started the group agreed it would be a good idea to record them. As this was a last minute decision I grabbed what was handy, which was the iPad, and the trainees took it in turns in recording each other. I must have had a Small Inkling that it wouldn’t be that straightforward so I also set the voice memo recording on my iPhone as well.

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RSA: feedback from LSIS grant interview

As I posted recently I am undertaking a practitioner research project where I hope to create a community of practice (CoP) between a small group of HE tutors and their students and look at the impact of taking part in this CoP has on their professional development.

This week I attended an interview for a research development fellowship grant from LSIS, and despite initial reservations about attending this interview, I’ve found talking about the project with the tutors at SUNCETT has already had an impact on my thoughts on the project.

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What CPD? What’s CPD?

September 26, 2012reflections,
What is it about CPD that is so challenging for tutors to recognise or define? The opening of my presentation at the FE Teaching and Learning Conference asks this question and I give some examples of where I have heard tutors struggling with this.