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Reflection on delivering a CPD session: one

Drafting a blog post this morning is reminding me of why I’ve been struggling with blogging this year. I start with one idea, and then several hundred words later I’ve wandered off on so many tangents I struggle to pull it back into a meaningful post.So here one of what I think will be a series of posts.Background
I am an occasional teacher on the Cambridge DTE(E)LLS course, where over the 18 months I deliver 5 sessions around CPD & reflective practice. On the first course I was given the (slightly tongue in cheek) nickname of Cathy ‘reflection’ Clarkson. I really wanted to give the trainees a good experience of the importance of being a reflective practitioner, something that I didn’t experience myself on the ITT.

This week was the last of these 5 sessions, where we review CPD activities undertaken, reference these back to their action plans and consider possible future CPD activities

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DTELLS session on Digital Literacy – a reflection on planning a session



When planning this session I started as ever looking at the session delivered last year. Overall, I felt that the session had gone well and there were only some minor tweeks needed – especially around the fact that I felt that the first and final activities were repetitive. The best activities of the session were the digital histories, (an idea adapted from maths histories on the excellence gateway) and I’m particularly keen to keep this activity as we have such a range of ages and cultures this year, which should provide some interesting discussion points on digital natives vs digital immigrants.  Comparing the print newspaper with the digital newspaper was also really interesting, and my first thought in updating this activity was to include newspaper apps in this comparison as all the trainees have some kind of mobile device.

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I am delivering the final session for the DTE(E)LLS course next Friday
and the topic is Professional Development – what next? I have a rough
outline of the session ready, which includes asking the trainees to
create a visual representation of their CPD journey over the duration of
the course. I was going to give a couple of examples they could use, but
leave it open as to how they may want to represent this. The idea to do
this visually came from a couple of places, one was from a journal
article I read a while ago which reminded me of the importance of using
visuals in the classroom and the other is from the Reflect Approach and the use of visuals to
generate language. Then this evening, I followed a Tweet link which took to this Blog.

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Multi-gadget experience

I am having an evening of multi-gadget-ness, sitting on the couch in the kitchen listening to Jo Whiley, drinking peppermint tea and eating small chunks of whole nut, with iPad and iPhone in arms reach while typing away on the netbook. Seems like a very long time since I’ve done this.

I’ve spent a good chunk of today reading through the latest and last posts from the gadgetry group in preparation for my presentation at the RSC-YH next week.  This is culmination of a Research and Scholarly Activity (RSA) project that has run for the last 6 months. The group was estabished with what seemed at the time a purposefully vague outline:

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