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Student Voices #TDReflex14

I may be a week late with this (how much does that matter in an un0course?) but once again, the topic of the week has been timely for me.

For some reason this year I’m coming to feel that the ‘student voice’ has been really missing in my practice this year, especially around the iPad project. . I don’t really know why this has happened.

In my ESOL class I feel I have been so fixated with getting my head around teaching teenagers and two curriculums that are new to me, as well as figuring out how to effectively use 8 iPads with them, there has been almost no space for the students! How nuts does that sound. Read more ►

Taking a Reflect Approach



Our class wall

Five weeks into the new year and I finally took the plunge to try the Reflect Approach with my E1 group.


We’d done some work the week before on countries and nationalities and this week I wanted them to focus on the geography around their home countries. I’m very fortunate to have a wide range of nationalities in my class so I organised the four groups to each have a least three nationalities in it.

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a video-tastic lesson for the European Day of Languages

September 25, 2012ESOL,

‘ve gone a little You Tube crazy for class tomorrow. I start with a prediction task: watch the video & guess what you think class will be about.



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First ESOL classes – planning decisions


Resources for class, and not a photocopy in sight

I’m very excited about going into my first ESOL class this morning, and pretty much as usual I have lots and lots of ideas and now it is decision time as to what to include. I think making these decisions about choosing, ordering and linking activities is what makes ‘planning’ the challenge that it is, and not having met a group this adds to that challenge.

My first decision is around whether I think it’s more important to share some information about myself so the students can get to know me a little, or whether to go straight into name games. I think I will start with a quick Q & A: I’ll write the following on the WB:

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I am delivering the final session for the DTE(E)LLS course next Friday
and the topic is Professional Development – what next? I have a rough
outline of the session ready, which includes asking the trainees to
create a visual representation of their CPD journey over the duration of
the course. I was going to give a couple of examples they could use, but
leave it open as to how they may want to represent this. The idea to do
this visually came from a couple of places, one was from a journal
article I read a while ago which reminded me of the importance of using
visuals in the classroom and the other is from the Reflect Approach and the use of visuals to
generate language. Then this evening, I followed a Tweet link which took to this Blog.

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