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CPD: a teacher-centred philosophy

August 14, 2012reflections,

What do we mean by CPD? A simple enough acronym but a complex idea. A small group of ESOL trainees & teachers wrote about the CPD activities they had been taking part in a six month period, and the difficulty in identifying what constituted CPD activity was a common theme. A second theme centred on top-down, formally organised activities such as INSET training or qualifications, but they questioned the value of these activities.



In 2004, the first year after completing my PGCE, I was fortunate enough to take part in the NRDC’s ICT Effective Practice Study. Of the five effective practice studies this project differed from the ESOL, numeracy, reading & writing projects  as it was highlighted early on that there was limited evidence of good practice in the use of ICT in Skills for Life to research and therefore “its first phase was developmental, rather than evaluative” p.15 Mellar, et al 2007 Therefore, in the first year of the project nine practitioner researchers undertook interventionist projects within their own classrooms in order to explore what constituted good practice with ICT.

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#fslt12 Yikes!

Yikes. Feeling a little over awed by the whole mooc thing. When I first stumbled across it on my twitter feed on Tuesday morning, my interest was certainly peeked. Although I wouldn’t quite use the word ‘confidently’ I did sign up, request to take part in the assessment (although noted that this could be changed later & currently feeling that getting to grips with a mooc maybe challenge enough!)) and was really excited to find a whole new blogosphere world existing outside by curent ESOL-sphere. Read more ►

Characterists of an Expert Teacher

I recently attended an opening speech for a new room at college where teachers can go specifically to undertake CPD activities. On the whole I thought it was an ok opening speech, a little academic and not enough practical examples to be truly inspiring, but the general themes about teaching and learning and the role of trialling new things and having space to reflect on them were linked well the importance of giving teaching space and time for CPD.

3 characteristics of an expert teacher: ( I can’t remember the name of the researcher from this, but I think it was concluded from statistical data, so as someone who leans more toward qualitative research it was a surprise to hear this.)

  • A high degree of challenge
  • Fast and frequent feedback
  • A deep understanding of teaching and learning

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