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A rough and ready post on #learnpod13

I am on a complete high from attending my second unconference today. Thoughts on the day:

Things that I knew already:

  • I like to go first. I was the first to pitch and thankfully in the first slot of the day.
  • The world is made of amazing people and I have the pleasure of having these amazing people in my PLN.
  • Meeting face to face is invaluable. Technology can enhance these relationships but face to face rules.
  • Socrative, Educreations and Show Me are good apps to have on a class set of iPads Read more ►

Edcanvas, online quizzes & sunshine

The Teacher Ed department at college have agreed to trial running parts of the induction next year as blended learning, particularly around the use of the social media sites Twitter and Yammer.

Starting with the Twitter Induction, I started looking last week at using the Lesson function within Moodle. On my love-hate relationship spectrum with Moodle I was certainly very very close to the ‘hate’ end. I spent what felt like a good chunk of the afternoon structuring the resources and activities within the Lesson but it didn’t fit right and I was really struggling to get it to work. Granted, I have only ever made two Lessons in Moodle before, and that was over a year ago so it was really back to basics. But it was hard. Read more ►

Collaborative Tech for CPD


Trying to organise the vastness of information on technology that I use for my CPD is proving particularly challenging. The first section of the new Tech for Learning Delivery course I am currently writing, and will be delivering from January, will be on technology to support CPD. Knowing that I sometimes struggle with the sheer volume of information out there, I want to be as prepared as possible to support the tutors with this, as I know it is going to be very challenging.

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VLE – Vast Learning Experience for tutors

June 1, 2012ESOL, , ,

I’ve recently been re-reading the feedback from my CELTA courses and have been struck by the overwhelmingly positive response to the VLE. Other comments on technology (eg Active Inspire, the blog) had mixed responses, but when commented on the VLE was reported to be a valuable resource – whether this was for the 24/7 access, course materials available in one place or ease of submitting assignments. One comment related to the short learning curve they had in order to use the VLE.

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reflections on using the ILT (VLE) in HE

February 18, 2012reflections,

Yesterday was the first of two HE Staff Development sessions aimed at supporting tutors in developing their use of ILT in general, and the VLE specifically, to support their students. It was a really interesting session for me in many ways, firstly I was there in a support capacity rather than leading the training and this is rare for me within the college. Reflecting on the session there are a couple of things I want to implement into my courses:

1. use of the ‘latest news’ forum within the VLE. I have only used this for one year for the CELTA course and gave up because feedback from trainees was that they didn’t know when an update was posted as emails were directed to their college student account which they didn’t use. Since then I have always used the course blog to post updates, and the email aspect of posterous has always been a big winner for me.

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reflections on the PTLLS VLE and blog


As the 10 week PTLLS course is coming to an end I want to reflect on the use of the VLE and blog.

When I took over the course the VLE was already up and running from previous courses so every week I just needed to update course content. Having set up the CELTA VLE from nothing I really appreciated having this structure already in place to work from. The biggest change for the PTLLS has been the submissions of assignments. Students were told they either needed to hand in a paper copy in class or submit these through the VLE.

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emoderating – Block 4

I think I struggled most with the final block of this course. We had spent previous weeks looking at asynchronous learning tools and this week moved onto synchronous.  We compared four applications:

·         WebEx

·         GoTo Meeting

·         Adobe connect

·         wizIQ

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e-moderating course: collaborative tools

Tonight I’ve taken part in a live chat within the Moodle chatroom to discuss the pros and cons of four collaborative online tools:

Blogs, wikis, Google Docs and e-portfolios.

Having used Blogs and wikis it’s been interesting to discuss what others thought of these tools. Wikis seemed to come out as a favourite and this is a tool that we’ve used a few times on the course already. We used it in week one to complete the sentence ender: I’m feeling…… which created a simple document with our feelings at the beginning of the course. It’s really nice to go back to that three weeks later now that I know the people a little more and remember how similar we all felt back then. We also used it in week one to work in two groups to outline what netiquette rules we thought were especially important, so even in week one we were exploring how this tool can be used for different tasks. Read more ►

e-moderating course: online pedegogy


I’m now into the second week of the International House e-moderating course. This week we’re looking at The Online Learner and online pedagogy. I was really pleased to see a (small) section on blended learning reminding us to keep in mind how technology can be used to support f2f learning, not just to replace it.

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