What CPD? What’s CPD?

September 26, 2012reflections,
What is it about CPD that is so challenging for tutors to recognise or define? The opening of my presentation at the FE Teaching and Learning Conference asks this question and I give some examples of where I have heard tutors struggling with this.
After delivering a session on the L5 Literacy Subject Specialism last week I have another example to add. Trainees were asked to form a ‘thinking line’ according to how confident they were at defining CPD, with most confident at one end and least confident at the other – the least confident end just happened to be by the door. Having set up the task, one trainee headed for the door in a comedy ‘I know so little I’m out of the room’ kind of a way! While this was done tongue in cheek, during this activity most trainees positioned themselves toward the ‘less confident’ end, despite about a third of the group having finished their ITT within the last 2 years.
One of the things I hope to get out of attending the conference tomorrow is aroud this question. There is a keynote from the chief exec of the IFL so it will be very interesting to hear their views on CPD and the role it has to play in teaching and learning. With the conference aimed at senior managers, not the usual practitioner-focused conferences I usually attend,  I will certainly be out of my comfort zone so it will be interesting to see to what extent I can/will engage with the discussions happening.

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