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Flipped Organisation

flipped organisationIn a response to a post titlesd“Just” a Teacher :

There is much talk of the ‘Flipped Classroom’. The idea that the technology is good at the information push and this can be done virtually, while the active learning bit happens in the classroom with a teacher and other students.

How about if this same principle was used to structure educational institutions. Here the teachers will be at the top of the hierarchy – ‘tier 1′ and the further you are removed from the classroom the lower down the hierarchy you would go. In my current organisation this Flipped Organisation would look like this:

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Characterists of an Expert Teacher

I recently attended an opening speech for a new room at college where teachers can go specifically to undertake CPD activities. On the whole I thought it was an ok opening speech, a little academic and not enough practical examples to be truly inspiring, but the general themes about teaching and learning and the role of trialling new things and having space to reflect on them were linked well the importance of giving teaching space and time for CPD.

3 characteristics of an expert teacher: ( I can’t remember the name of the researcher from this, but I think it was concluded from statistical data, so as someone who leans more toward qualitative research it was a surprise to hear this.)

  • A high degree of challenge
  • Fast and frequent feedback
  • A deep understanding of teaching and learning

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