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Edcanvas, online quizzes & sunshine

The Teacher Ed department at college have agreed to trial running parts of the induction next year as blended learning, particularly around the use of the social media sites Twitter and Yammer.

Starting with the Twitter Induction, I started looking last week at using the Lesson function within Moodle. On my love-hate relationship spectrum with Moodle I was certainly very very close to the ‘hate’ end. I spent what felt like a good chunk of the afternoon structuring the resources and activities within the Lesson but it didn’t fit right and I was really struggling to get it to work. Granted, I have only ever made two Lessons in Moodle before, and that was over a year ago so it was really back to basics. But it was hard. Read more ►

Ten people I follow and why

November 11, 2011social media,

This is in response to the Twitter Challenge: Ten People I Follow and
Why. I’ve been actively tweeting for about 6 months now, although I
spent several weeks as a fascinated observer blown away by the passion
and zeal of so many professionals I finally bit the bullet and started
to contribute too. I now follow about 90 people (just had a small cull)
and have those Small Niggly Doubts about what my 66 followers take from
my micro-rambles. Here are ten people that always make me sit up
slightly when I see their tweets:

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