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taking a step back

step back

It has taken me almost a week to be able to get enough of a perspective to be able to sit  down and write about my first two weeks of my new 16-18 ESOL. Why? I have struggled to really unpick what has been so challenging about the first two lessons.

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Collaborative Tech for CPD


Trying to organise the vastness of information on technology that I use for my CPD is proving particularly challenging. The first section of the new Tech for Learning Delivery course I am currently writing, and will be delivering from January, will be on technology to support CPD. Knowing that I sometimes struggle with the sheer volume of information out there, I want to be as prepared as possible to support the tutors with this, as I know it is going to be very challenging.

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Social Media and Me

September 16, 2012social media
 Jump on the social media bandwagon

Jump on the social media bandwagon

Photo by Matt Hamm Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic

This summer I have joined a new social media site: Pinterest. I haven’t joined a new space in quite a long time, possibly the last one was Google+, which must have been over a year ago and LinkedIn just before that. Neither of which I particularly engage with.

Pinterest seemed pretty straightforward to join and start a board, although my inital plan of pinning places I visited over the summer didn’t actually happen! It does seem that my personal use of social media gets swamped by my professional use, and as I use it so much for work and study that I don’t seem that bothered about engaging for pure leisure stuff! Does that make me a little odd??

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