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Tech for Learning Round Two

The second course starts tomorrow night. I’m disappointed that more internal staff aren’t doing the course this year, but I understand that having to find £200 to part self-fund is a big ask in these financially challenging times.

But I am excited to have some external candidates this year. I think it will bring a different perspective to the course.

The interviews last week highlighted the variety of experiences of everyone, in terms of subject specialism and experience with technology. The themes that came from the interview : Read more ►

Edcanvas, online quizzes & sunshine

The Teacher Ed department at college have agreed to trial running parts of the induction next year as blended learning, particularly around the use of the social media sites Twitter and Yammer.

Starting with the Twitter Induction, I started looking last week at using the Lesson function within Moodle. On my love-hate relationship spectrum with Moodle I was certainly very very close to the ‘hate’ end. I spent what felt like a good chunk of the afternoon structuring the resources and activities within the Lesson but it didn’t fit right and I was really struggling to get it to work. Granted, I have only ever made two Lessons in Moodle before, and that was over a year ago so it was really back to basics. But it was hard. Read more ►

Memorable Moments 2013 #1: Tech for Learning EV Visit

The academic year 12/13 has been a roller coaster ride. It’s good to get to the end of the year and still get high on that End Of Term Buzz. It’s a potent reminder about what I love about my job.

Memorable Moment #1

Watching the City & Guilds EV watching the video from the Technology and Beyond learning fair and seeing her recognise the hard work and enthusiasm from the tutors on the course. Read more ►

Facebook – a renewed ‘like’

Facebook is just fine

Facebook is just fine

About six months ago I decided to take a break from Facebook. I was finding that I was distracted by it and it was a very convenient procrastination tool. I was also becoming increasingly conscious of my online presence and digital footprint and wanted to think about the role of my Facebook account in this. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go cold turkey – I still liked being able to see what my friends were sharing, but I retreated and became more of a lurker.

Six months later, and Facebook is back in favour. Read more ►

Conferences, expectations & ponderings #rscinspire13

attrition: CC Roland Tanglao

I think the way that I attend conferences is changing. Tutors on my Tech for Learning Delivery course were laughing last week at just how many conferences I’ve attended – and I suppose as an FE tutor, it probably is quite rare to have such opportunities.

Recently, I attended the RSC-YH e-learning conference in Leeds. I’ve been a fairly regular attender and presenter at this event over the years, and although I had the usual pre-conference nerves as I approached the venue, it was really lovely to walk in and recognise, and be recognised, by friendly faces.

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blogging on the train 1 : designing a bottom-up, student-centred, syllabus-driven technology in learning course


Three and a half weeks into a lovely, leisurely non-work summer I’m stretched out in first class heading for a weekend of Olympic Sport-foolery. Small nuggets of Brain Activity have been needling away, so thought I’d jot them down quick and get back to holiday mode.


At the forefront of this Small Brain activity is the Technology in Learning course I will be delivering from January. Discussions at the Doncaster un-conference (  I attended last month centred around learner-led, bottom-up approaches to teaching and learning and one session was on how could the un-conference format be used in other ways.

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My first unconference reflection #1: managing your online presence




I was thrilled to see @kevupnorth leading a session on this, as I’d seen his prezi from the Learning and Teaching Olympics two weeks ago & was sad to have missed his session.


I was initially surprised at the beginning of the session to find the same prezi being used and to realise it this was going to be a more traditional ‘talk from the front’ session, as opposed to the more discussion based sessions I’d attended earlier in the day.

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