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A rough and ready post on #learnpod13

I am on a complete high from attending my second unconference today. Thoughts on the day:

Things that I knew already:

  • I like to go first. I was the first to pitch and thankfully in the first slot of the day.
  • The world is made of amazing people and I have the pleasure of having these amazing people in my PLN.
  • Meeting face to face is invaluable. Technology can enhance these relationships but face to face rules.
  • Socrative, Educreations and Show Me are good apps to have on a class set of iPads Read more ►

Memorable Moment #3 : FE Teaching and Learning Conference & CPD

FE Teaching and Learning Conference

FE Teaching and Learning Conference

conference recording

conference recording

This is the first time that I was approached by a conference to present something(rather than apply to present)so I feel particularly proud of that. It is also the most ‘formal’ presentation I have ever given. I am more used to running more hands on workshops at conferences than presenting to a room of people – and I certainly have never been recorded before!
To be honest the conference itself was not so memorable (sorry) but I did get to meet Toni Fazelli, the Chief Exec of IFL. In her keynote she asked if anyone felt supported in undertaking CPD by their organisation. I was the lone person to respond.

Conferences, expectations & ponderings #rscinspire13

attrition: CC Roland Tanglao

I think the way that I attend conferences is changing. Tutors on my Tech for Learning Delivery course were laughing last week at just how many conferences I’ve attended – and I suppose as an FE tutor, it probably is quite rare to have such opportunities.

Recently, I attended the RSC-YH e-learning conference in Leeds. I’ve been a fairly regular attender and presenter at this event over the years, and although I had the usual pre-conference nerves as I approached the venue, it was really lovely to walk in and recognise, and be recognised, by friendly faces.

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IATEFL Associates Day: first thoughts

i have been fortunate to have been able to attend Associates Day at IATEFL as a member of NATECLA. I had absolutely no idea what to expect from the day, there was no programme available – all I knew was that there was a ‘poster presentation’ activity in the afternoon where we could talk about NATECLA, and find about about other organisations.

My initial reflections on the day is – wow! So many committed, motivated and inspiring individuals, who have given up their valuable time (& sometimes own money) to come to Liverpool IATEFL. They are there as members of, and representatives of, Teacher Associations so very similar to NATECLA.

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FE Teaching and Learning Conference

FE Teaching and Learning Conference

FE Teaching and Learning Conference

The conference started very promisingly and I found that I recognied many of the themes from Toni Fazaeli’s keynote. She started with a brief history of IFL, and it was interesting to see that as the organisation returns to it’s voluntary body roots that membership continues to rise.

I often struggle when teaching is presented as an analogy, especially when this is an analogy to some kind of performance, but I liked Toni’s analogy to the hypocratic oath. She said that tutors always want the best for their students despite the stretch they feel from funding, managers, awarding bodies. & OFSTED who seemingly want different things. This certainly came through during the session on Passionate Teachers at the RSC-YH conference this June. Read more ►

blogging on the train 1 : designing a bottom-up, student-centred, syllabus-driven technology in learning course


Three and a half weeks into a lovely, leisurely non-work summer I’m stretched out in first class heading for a weekend of Olympic Sport-foolery. Small nuggets of Brain Activity have been needling away, so thought I’d jot them down quick and get back to holiday mode.


At the forefront of this Small Brain activity is the Technology in Learning course I will be delivering from January. Discussions at the Doncaster un-conference (  I attended last month centred around learner-led, bottom-up approaches to teaching and learning and one session was on how could the un-conference format be used in other ways.

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My first unconference reflection #1: managing your online presence




I was thrilled to see @kevupnorth leading a session on this, as I’d seen his prezi from the Learning and Teaching Olympics two weeks ago & was sad to have missed his session.


I was initially surprised at the beginning of the session to find the same prezi being used and to realise it this was going to be a more traditional ‘talk from the front’ session, as opposed to the more discussion based sessions I’d attended earlier in the day.

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Passionate about teaching

At the RSC-YH 2012 e-learning conference I was one of seven people who spoke for 3 minutes about their passion for teaching in an ‘un-workshop’. Here, I want to share that passion in 300 words.


Wordle from presentations on ‘passionate about teaching’


People. People are what make my job so important to me. Being in the classroom with ESOL students and playing a role, either as teacher or teacher trainer, in providing opportunities for communication, either planned or unplanned. In an observation last week one student told me how much she liked my dress and how the colour suited me. I love that, as nervous as I know it is to have an observer in the room for the teacher, I was approachable enough for an E1 language student to talk to me, in her 2nd/3rd/4th language, in front of the whole class. 

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#mml12 reflections 1: CPD, technology & gender issues


The Mystery and Magic of Language, a great title for a great conference. I thoroughly enjoyed a weekend surrounded by interesting and passionate ESOL practitioners. However, not surprisingly maybe, the key themes of the conference for me have been around the Magic and Mystery of Learning – my own, experienced teachers, new teachers as well as language students. Whilst trying to decide what the key themes of the conference have been for me, I’ve found that I’ve been challenged to ask key questions.

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Themes of the conference. Day one:

Themes of the conference. Day one: 

I picked out five themes during the presentations on the first morning of the conference. 

Attitude: Being online is seen to be about personal and private engagement. Not something with educational benefit #attitude 

Teacher #attitude and engagement with change in pedagogy is vital in integrating ICT & education. Practical solutions lie in innovative practice and engaging teachers-as-learners 

How are digital literacy skills linked to attitudes to engagement with ICT? Analogies:
Analogy 1: being on twitter is like going to town. There is something you need and you might bump into someone you know 

Analogy 2: digital swarming. All moving in the same direction without crashing into each other. Who sets the direction? Shared leadership/followship practical applications:
Can CELTA trainees make good and bad practice videos: for giving instructions, giving feedback, monitoring, how can I link this into feedback? Where is the evidence that there are effective, practical applications to integrating ICT into education? 

How assessment impacts on what is taught and what students ‘want’ to learn 

Social constructivism: the role of social interaction in learning. Asking qus and problem solving using ICT 

Classroom management role of the teacher very important to ensure the ss are guided and directed in their learning. More planning time needed 

Role model:
Technology is unreliable. Model this fact in the classroom to trainee teachers so this can become accepted. 

What is our role as a teacher? The importance of being a role model in attitude and use of ICT for own learning Impact of tutor engaging in the online community of practice on the students engagement with an online community of practice