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Digital Distractions or Necessary Networking #corpusMOOC

week 2 progress

week 2 progress

As I previously said, I’m learning that watching video lectures is problematic for me – so this morning I have skimmed through all the transcripts of lectures for week 2, while simultaneously completing the quiz. Not surprisingly, I got 100% on my first attempt! Although, I will admit that some of the questions were tricky and it took some unpicking of the terminology to figure out which could be the correct answer. Read more ►

On your marks …..

It has been six weeks since the high #learnpod13, my discovery of Edcanvas & all my excitement about having a long summer to think and reflect. Plans of blogging these thoughts have clearly not materialised as I have fully embraced  non-workness and thoroughly indulged in  experiencing the beautiful sunshine in the company of my Boisterous Boy.

Although my dreams have been dominated by showing up to my first 16-18 ESOL class with no plan, when my waking thoughts have turned to work I’ve found myself pondering the CELTA. I feel that the course was a little neglected last year as I was so focused on the new Tech for Learning Delivery course. Read more ►

A rough and ready post on #learnpod13

I am on a complete high from attending my second unconference today. Thoughts on the day:

Things that I knew already:

  • I like to go first. I was the first to pitch and thankfully in the first slot of the day.
  • The world is made of amazing people and I have the pleasure of having these amazing people in my PLN.
  • Meeting face to face is invaluable. Technology can enhance these relationships but face to face rules.
  • Socrative, Educreations and Show Me are good apps to have on a class set of iPads Read more ►

Conferences, expectations & ponderings #rscinspire13

attrition: CC Roland Tanglao

I think the way that I attend conferences is changing. Tutors on my Tech for Learning Delivery course were laughing last week at just how many conferences I’ve attended – and I suppose as an FE tutor, it probably is quite rare to have such opportunities.

Recently, I attended the RSC-YH e-learning conference in Leeds. I’ve been a fairly regular attender and presenter at this event over the years, and although I had the usual pre-conference nerves as I approached the venue, it was really lovely to walk in and recognise, and be recognised, by friendly faces.

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Email updates: Diigo Groups


I have had a Diigo account since 2010, when Delicious was taken over by Yahoo and there were lots of discussions about the service being closed down. Then, at a RSC-YH event I went to a session on making the most of Diigo and heard about how Diigo Groups can be used to create student accounts to allow collaborative link sharing, and that this can easily be embedded into Moodle. I then started to explore this a little more.

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Email updates: ESOL-Research

ESOL-Research is a discussion forum for researchers and practitioners with an interest in research into teaching and learning ESOL. ESOL-Research is managed by James Simpson at the School of Education, University of Leeds. Action for ESOL campaign Website: Twitter: Facebook: Action for ESOL Online petition:

I have been a subscriber to the ESOL-Research Jisc-mail since it was first started, way back in 2006 (how time flies!!). Initially I would get an email update for each individual post, and if I’m honest I was probably a bit hit and miss about which I read and which got automatically deleted. When my email changed in 2008, this was one thing that got missed off the list to update so I was out of the loop (so to speak) for a while.

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New Academic Year: RSA

September 16, 2012research,
RSAphoto by ZhouXuan  Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

As a HE in FE teacher at the college I am very fortunate that I am able to bid for remission hours to undertake Research and Scholarly Activity (RSA). This year I hope to be able to bring HE tutors and students together in an exploration of mobile technology.

Description of the Research

This project aims to investigate how HE in FE teachers and students can develop a community of practice in relation to exploring the use of emerging technologies for their Continual Professional Development (CPD) and Professional Development Planning (PDP).

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Ten people I follow and why

November 11, 2011social media,

This is in response to the Twitter Challenge: Ten People I Follow and
Why. I’ve been actively tweeting for about 6 months now, although I
spent several weeks as a fascinated observer blown away by the passion
and zeal of so many professionals I finally bit the bullet and started
to contribute too. I now follow about 90 people (just had a small cull)
and have those Small Niggly Doubts about what my 66 followers take from
my micro-rambles. Here are ten people that always make me sit up
slightly when I see their tweets:

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I am delivering the final session for the DTE(E)LLS course next Friday
and the topic is Professional Development – what next? I have a rough
outline of the session ready, which includes asking the trainees to
create a visual representation of their CPD journey over the duration of
the course. I was going to give a couple of examples they could use, but
leave it open as to how they may want to represent this. The idea to do
this visually came from a couple of places, one was from a journal
article I read a while ago which reminded me of the importance of using
visuals in the classroom and the other is from the Reflect Approach and the use of visuals to
generate language. Then this evening, I followed a Tweet link which took to this Blog.

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