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Trying to organise the vastness of information on technology that I use for my CPD is proving particularly challenging. The first section of the new Tech for Learning Delivery course I am currently writing, and will be delivering from January, will be on technology to support CPD. Knowing that I sometimes struggle with the sheer volume of information out there, I want to be as prepared as possible to support the tutors with this, as I know it is going to be very challenging.

Starting to build the VLE page for the course I am really conscious that I want to model the use of the VLE as best of possible, for two reasons really. Firstly, because I want them to have a good experience on the course, and despite my love/hate relationship with Moodle the CELTA students gave really positive feedback on their experiences and I want the same to be true of this course.

Secondly, some of the tutors on the course have mentioned wanting to improve their use of the VLE, therefore I want to model what how they can experience using the VLE as a student.

One section I have included is ‘Collaborative Technology for CPD’ : currently in here are three tools:


I have created a Diigo group for the course and have embedded this into the sidebar of the course VLE page, showing a linkroll and a tagroll. In this section of the VLE is a You Tube clip introducing Diigo.

I’ve been using Diigo for a while (just had a look – since May 2010) but I know that I don’t use it to it’s full capacity. I go through phases of saving bookmarks here but find I rarely go back to review the links. Since I discovered the My Groups function of Diigo I have become a little better at this and I now need to get better at tagging resources.


This is my newest social media and the one that has the biggest blur between my personal and professional life. I use this site predominantly for personal use, I love the visual aspect of this. Recently I’ve been looking a Xmas links and have found some really great sites for home made presents.

I do also have a professional board. One board has links to my most used apps, and today I have created another to put teaching and learning tools.

Google Reader

As with Diigo I’ve been using this for a while. I have quite a few blogs linking into my reader, general categories being ESOL and e-learning. I hardly ever go to the Google Reader itself to read these posts, I don’t find it visually helpful at all. If I do want to the read a blog I generally do this through Flipboard on my iPad. But I have to admit to not having done this for a while.

So on the VLE I have chosen three tools (and no mention of twitter!!) I want to highlight to the tutors, that while they are using the web (in whatever guise) as a CPD tool they need to consider how they will archive the information they find, and I think these are three good tools for this.

Twitter may have to have a section of it’s own!


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