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ESOL-Research is a discussion forum for researchers and practitioners with an interest in research into teaching and learning ESOL. ESOL-Research is managed by James Simpson at the School of Education, University of Leeds. Action for ESOL campaign Website: Twitter: Facebook: Action for ESOL Online petition:

I have been a subscriber to the ESOL-Research Jisc-mail since it was first started, way back in 2006 (how time flies!!). Initially I would get an email update for each individual post, and if I’m honest I was probably a bit hit and miss about which I read and which got automatically deleted. When my email changed in 2008, this was one thing that got missed off the list to update so I was out of the loop (so to speak) for a while.

When I resubscribed I chose the condensed email update option, this means that I now get a daily update with all messages included. I like that you get a summary at the top of the email, showing the number of messages and Topics of the Day – it’s easy to be able to priorities what to read.  At times the email just gets deleted, especially if my inbox is particularly full, but if there is something of interest in the title and I don’t have time there and then I will save and flag it to come back to later.

I do sometimes find this condensed email a little cumbersome, especially if there are multiple responses to a post as all email signatures are included and some of these are long!

Although I have never contributed, on the whole I would say that I benefit a lot from this list. There are good links between this and the work NATECLA do as many government reports, suggested changes, updates, etc are often discussed here.


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