IATEFL Associates Day: first thoughts

i have been fortunate to have been able to attend Associates Day at IATEFL as a member of NATECLA. I had absolutely no idea what to expect from the day, there was no programme available – all I knew was that there was a ‘poster presentation’ activity in the afternoon where we could talk about NATECLA, and find about about other organisations.

My initial reflections on the day is – wow! So many committed, motivated and inspiring individuals, who have given up their valuable time (& sometimes own money) to come to Liverpool IATEFL. They are there as members of, and representatives of, Teacher Associations so very similar to NATECLA.

In fact, at the moment I feel that, despite the large number of countries represented in the room, we all have more things in common than differences. Encouraging teachers to join an association is a big challenge and to access the CPD opportunities provided by that organisation – whether these are face-to-face events or online. There were lots of discussions around the financial barriers – to joining and attending events – and whether costs should be met by the individual, association or employer.

Which makes me think what the role of the employer is in providing CPD opportunities. Work Placed Learning is such a word (phrase) of the moment – how can employers make best use of professional organisation membership & how can this benefit the students, teachers and therefore organisation?

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