Passionate about teaching

At the RSC-YH 2012 e-learning conference I was one of seven people who spoke for 3 minutes about their passion for teaching in an ‘un-workshop’. Here, I want to share that passion in 300 words.


Wordle from presentations on ‘passionate about teaching’


People. People are what make my job so important to me. Being in the classroom with ESOL students and playing a role, either as teacher or teacher trainer, in providing opportunities for communication, either planned or unplanned. In an observation last week one student told me how much she liked my dress and how the colour suited me. I love that, as nervous as I know it is to have an observer in the room for the teacher, I was approachable enough for an E1 language student to talk to me, in her 2nd/3rd/4th language, in front of the whole class. 


I love the challenge of teacher training. Negotiating that line between encouraging independence and providing support. I have high expectations of my students and I have high expectations of myself.

Being involved in staff development pushes me toward the edge of my comfort zone. Planning the support session and offering 1-2-1 support for HE tutors writing bids for Research and Scholarly Activity projects recently really challenged me, but I valued the discussions I had with tutors and loved to hear about their ideas. I saw myself as a sounding board, asking questions to help the tutors develop their ideas. It was gratifying to be on the RSA panel and hear the other panel members comment on the quality of the bids, and how many of these were tutors who come had used the services of their ATLC .

Last but not least are my colleagues. Attending the KC Star Award ceremony last week was so much fun because I got to spend time with people who make my working life so pleasurable. I got celebrate with them, and others across the college, in the recognition that we are making a difference to each other, our local communities and our students.

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