Reflections on delivering a CPD session: three

I am an occasional teacher on the Cambridge DTE(E)LLS course, where over the 18 months I deliver 5 sessions around CPD & reflective practice. On the first course I was given the (slightly tongue in cheek) nickname of Cathy ‘reflection’ Clarkson. I really wanted to give the trainees a good experience of the importance of being a reflective practitioner, something that I didn’t experience myself on the ITT.
This week was the last of these 5 sessions, where we review CPD activities undertaken, reference these back to their action plans and consider possible future CPD activities


During the session the trainees were asked to work alone for around 10 minutes to review all the different CPD activities they engaged with throughout the course. In pairs they then shared these activities with each other and as stated in my last post, this was overwhelmingly the moment they felt most engaged during the session.


Here is a photo of the mind map I created in the 10 minutes during the session.



I also love this activity. I think it is very empowering for teachers to be able to recognise and discuss the vast array of activities they undertake to remain on top of their subject specialism and pedagogical strategies. I sometimes despair at the rigid top-down approaches to staff development that many tutors experience in their organisations and the discourse of inadequacy and satisfactory-that-means-not-good-enough that the current OFSTED regime propagate.


Removal of the tick-list that is observation criteria would leave a perfectly sized ‘reflective practitioner’ space.


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