Sharing an ESOL class


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Woo hoo. Very excited about having an ESOL class again this year. I’ll be sharing the group with the fabulous @tferguson . She’ll be the personal tutor for the group and meet them three times a week, I will be the second tutor who meets once a week.


It’s the ESOL staff development day today & I gate crashed Sam’s session on ‘sharing classes’, where lots of great ideas were shared about how to overcome the ‘no time/not in the same office’ communication barriers. Thea and I have agreed that in the first two weeks it’ll be inductions, getting to know you activities and diagnostic activity & our first meeting has been arranged to them discuss how to move forward with the class.

We’re going to use this blog space to reflect on the lessons and therefore have a shared space to communicate with each other. A quick search has found how to tag in posterous from email, and we’ll tag all our posts ‘ESOL’.


Initial Ideas

After the NATECLA conference last July, I’m keep to try out some of the Reflect Approach ideas, and think about how these can be adapted for an E1 group. I’d also like to try some bottom-up approaches to listening skills and some dictation activities, so hopefully this will be something the students will be interested in doing.


The interesting thing about this first chat with Thea is about how we want to structure the SOW – will it be skills led, by topic, grammar, etc. Thea seems keen on the skills structure, and we debated the merits of focusing on one skill per lesson or covering aspects of all skills in a single lesson.


We also talked about using a blog with this group. We’re in a room with an IWB and will have to take the laptops up in the lift. Will need to think carefully about how to introduce this to the group and see what mix of ICT skills they have.


It’s just a two hour class, so that’s going to be a change from the 3 hours I’m used to. I have a vague plan in my head about the first class, and some warmer activities I want to try. I’ll be doing the writing diagnostic (formally)  and Thea all the others, so need think of an interesting way to introduce this to the students.


So excited.



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