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Themes of conference: day 2

ICT for entertainment – ICT for education & learning platforms Facebook
ICT is predominantly used for entertainment so need to consider how to make the jump from this to include the use for education. In Morocco a significant number of (young) people use FB and so suggested that there needs to be activities and research to investigate how to use this platform for learning.
I’m not sure what I think about this. I use FB as a personal and private place & I am reluctant to engage with this as a learning tool for myself so don’t feel comfortable in asking students to do so. Surely we do need to have some space that is free from formal education?SMS
How to use this facility to engage ss in mobile learning. Making the link from personal use to educational use. One study showed how reading skills we’re improved by sending three txt messages: 1. Text
2. Question
3. Answer

Modelling and staff development:
Engage tutors-as-learners with technology so they can experience ICT as a tool for their own learning. As many tutors bring their own learning experience to their attitudes, beliefs and behaviours as a teacher there needs to be a starting point for them to use technology with their own students. History & change
Quotes were used to demonstrate how change has been perceived through history, including Socrates scorn for the introduction of ‘writing’ would lead to the decline in memory, and the worries about the replacement of bark with slate and the cost implications of this.
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Multi-gadget experience

I am having an evening of multi-gadget-ness, sitting on the couch in the kitchen listening to Jo Whiley, drinking peppermint tea and eating small chunks of whole nut, with iPad and iPhone in arms reach while typing away on the netbook. Seems like a very long time since I’ve done this.

I’ve spent a good chunk of today reading through the latest and last posts from the gadgetry group in preparation for my presentation at the RSC-YH next week.  This is culmination of a Research and Scholarly Activity (RSA) project that has run for the last 6 months. The group was estabished with what seemed at the time a purposefully vague outline:

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