A Day of Planning

I’ve had A Day today.

I’ve considered different possible assessment tasks. I’ve ditched all of those and decided to use some already designed tasks. I had a Small Panic that this was ‘cheating’. I had a timely call from a fabulous colleague who Set Me Straight.

I’ve thought about a lot of different possible tasks to support those assessment tasks. I just about discarded most of the ideas and reduced the activities down into something more realistic that fits into the time scale & the assessment brief.

I’ve printed stuff. I stuck post-its on these print outs with notes reminding me what I want to do this them. There is a lot of copy & cut instructions. I like matching activities!

I’ve written a lesson plan. On a formal lesson plan proforma. I’ve made notes giving the briefest of overview of my planning. I’ve created PP presentations. I’ve read through the PP and the LP simultaneously to check they match. I made more informal notes. I checked the planned tasks against the assessment criteria & the assessment tasks.

I’ve added documents to the VLE page. I decided I don’t like the formal I had chosen. I’m still undecided about how I can change it to improve it.

I came home on the bus & continued to run through ideas in my head about how to order activities, how to make links, think about what it is I’m actually trying to do. I shut down for a while and couldn’t think about anything.

Once home my internal dialogue switched on again. I started thinking about the students. Who I have only met once briefly at the induction/interview session. What did they expect from the course. How was the assessment criteria, that they needed to evidence in their assignments, going to really support them in their practice. How were they going to learn from being inĀ  classroom with me. And each other.

All this and I haven’t even finished planning for unit 1. Only 3 more units to go.



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