Finding My Voice #TDreflex14

I think this has been a timely post for me, as I have been thinking more and more recently about my online identity and how this relates to my professionalism, who ‘owns’ this identity and what it says about me. This post is in response to the ‘uncourse’ that is currently running at Northern College – here is the week one synopsis.

People have said to me they don’t like the idea of writing in a public space & there is certainly a Fear Factor about committing word to screen. As we move from a world of digital footprints to digital tattoos, the idea that everything we publish remains. Forever.

But I like to write. I like to engage in discussions. Blogging (here) and microblogging (Twitter) are such great forums for that. I think it would make a really great research project to look at the kind of themes that emerge from FE practitioner blogs. It would be interesting to see who writes about classroom practice, or about pedagogy or their subject specialism, or the daily trials and tribulations of treading the FE tightrope. I think it would really demonstrate the diversity within our sector and really be something to celebrate as well as an insight into the Cinderella service from a practitioner perspective.

As for my blog, what I would hope is that this jumbled collection of my ramblings builds up a snapshot of my professional life working in FE. One of the things I love most about my role is the variety & I think that is reflected here. I love teaching ESOL, and it’s been interesting that this year my 16-18 group has dominated my posts. As a teacher trainer I value my time with my ESOL class, I feel that it adds value to what I bring to both my role as a CELTA trainer as well as generic teacher trainiing and staff development. I also enjoy engaging in practitioner research and this blog is certainly a space for me to reflect on that.

Despite sitting within the teacher education department, there are few posts specially about this aspect of my role. In the main, when I write about teaching, I write about ESOL. I’m not too sure why this is. Even when I was delivering the Technology for Learning course and encouraging others to blog, I wasn’t blogging about the course per se.

live long and blog

live long and blog

I think this blog reflects how I undertake my professional development. I read books, journals, blogs. I attend conferences. I engage in discussions. I write. Nothing too radical there.

I have lots of ideas & I like to write, but only a fraction of my ideas ever get published. Some ideas get drafted in my head, and they stay there. Others get started but kind of fizzle out. Only a fraction of what I think about ends up here.

Sometimes I get to discuss my ideas with someone, but I have to be honest I don’t have as many opportunities for face to face discussions as I would like.

What I am clear about is that this is my blog. I am proud of it. I love how it grows organically. I think it is a reflection of me as a teacher and as a professional. Live long and Blog.

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