A new academic year, a new course & new skills

I’m teaching on the year one Cert Ed/PGCE for the first time this year, & very excited I am. While parts of the curriculum are fairly new to me having delivered the level 4 PTLLS & undertaken observations before what I am really excited about how I can enthuse new teachers into the benefits of technology & demonstrate how they can embed technology into their own practice – both as teachers and as teacher-as-learner.

Today there have been many firsts. First observation of the year. First time using the new paperwork. First time using Notability to write the observation report. First time to receive the lesson plan from the trainee via Yammer.

The Yammer attachment is causing me the most issues at the moment. I was really pleased that this was sent via Yammer, and I am actively discouraging trainees to contact me via email. So far so happy. But the one thing I forgot this morning was to save the lesson plan when I received it, so that when I came to find it again I struggled a little.

I couldn’t find it on the iPad app, so thought I would try logging in on my Mac. This was easier as there was the universal sign for attachment (the paperclip) so I could quickly find it. Returning to the iPad I wanted to open the attachment in Notability, so that I could annotate it & send it back to the tutor.

Unfortunately there is no way to open an attachment in Yammer in any other app on the iPad. Aggghhh. So back to the Mac I went, downloaded the attachment & saved it into Dropbox. Back to the iPad to open the lesson plan in Dropbox, send this to Notability & bingo! (quite a long convoluted bingo I’ll grant you!) I could write on the lesson plan.

Now, how to get my annotated feedback and lesson plan into the student’s iPDP (a university-led Google site) I ended up doing all of the above backwards. 1) iPad: Notability to Dropbox. 2)Mac: Dropbox up to Google site.

But Yammer came back into its own. I posted on the Consortium Yammer page about the latest challenges to my digital literacy skills & bingo! (an actual, almost immediate bingo this time) a reply came saying that I can link my Notability up to my Google drive and upload it directly from the iPad.

Ah the challenges of technology – but once mastered this should make getting feedback to trainees super easy for all of us. Certainly worth the effort.

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