A rough and ready post on #learnpod13

I am on a complete high from attending my second unconference today. Thoughts on the day:

Things that I knew already:

  • I like to go first. I was the first to pitch and thankfully in the first slot of the day.
  • The world is made of amazing people and I have the pleasure of having these amazing people in my PLN.
  • Meeting face to face is invaluable. Technology can enhance these relationships but face to face rules.
  • Socrative, Educreations and Show Me are good apps to have on a class set of iPads
  • I struggle with the notion of accredited learning & how sometimes it feels that this evidencing of ‘learning’ for an accreditation can get in the way of actually ‘learning’ something.
  • That I love what I do and I want to keep doing it in the place that I’m currently doing it.
  • FE practitioners don’t think as ‘researchers’ but there is such good practice happening it would be great to be able to do some structured research to create some evidenced-based practice

Things that I learnt today:

  • I know as much about setting up a group of iPads to be used as a class set as anyone else at the conference today & possibly a lot more than most
  • You can have 10 devices attached to one iTunes account (thanks @teachcars)
  • Suggested apps to have on a class set of iPads: Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Dropbox, a QR Code reader, Khan Academy (thanks @nathancobb)
  • I need to think about log ins to these different places for the class set of iPads
  • To explore the idea of setting up an You Tube channel in which to share videos created by students getting started with the basics of iPads (thanks (@xlearn)
  • Not to be embarrassed about diving in and out of different sessions at an unconference, or abandoning the workshops altogether to sit on the terrace with fabulous people talking about education and changing the world
  • What a ‘community of praxis’ is (thanks @teachnorthern)
  • There has been talk for many years around the idea that ‘The VLE is dead’ and this is still very very contrivercial
  • I really really really dislike the term ‘technophobe’

Things I need to do

  • set a date for the first meeting of the tutors who will take part in the iPad project next year
  • think more carefully about how I can ensure I collect meaningful data on this iPad project
  • continue to think about how I can support and inspire teachers to use technology in pedagogically sound ways that is meaningful to them and their students and to have the confidence to be able to stand up and say why they are or arn’t using technology. #professionalism


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