blogging on the train 1 : designing a bottom-up, student-centred, syllabus-driven technology in learning course


Three and a half weeks into a lovely, leisurely non-work summer I’m stretched out in first class heading for a weekend of Olympic Sport-foolery. Small nuggets of Brain Activity have been needling away, so thought I’d jot them down quick and get back to holiday mode.


At the forefront of this Small Brain activity is the Technology in Learning course I will be delivering from January. Discussions at the Doncaster un-conference (  I attended last month centred around learner-led, bottom-up approaches to teaching and learning and one session was on how could the un-conference format be used in other ways.

Is it possible to have a syllabus-driven course run as an un-course? What would this look like? No Scheme of Work. No lesson planning. Lots of student input. What would this look like? I wouldn’t really have any idea bar what the first session would involve:


1. an induction into the curriculum
2. activities to stimulate discussion activity around what the students want to get from the course
3. a way for all students to be able to articulate what they wanted to do the following week(s)



The Positives
students get a direct input in what the course will look like for them.
flexibility in terms of content

provide a model course for student-centred teaching and learning


The Negatives
I will have to be super, uber confident about my knowledge of web 2.0 technologies in order to be able to address any issues that may arrives, specifically in terms of where to direct individuals with specific needs. That’s a biggy then.
I’m assuming most of the students will actually be teachers already, and current experience in teacher ed and staff development is that teachers and not always the most patient and open-minded of students. How to address the needs of those who would like a more traditional ‘input’ structured course


These are the thoughts that are currently rotating round my Holiday Brain.   Yikes.


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