#corpusMOOC week 3 a warmer task & a farewell

The warm up activity for week three of the corpus linguistics MOOC is:

‘Go to an online news website or get a copy of a newspaper you are familiar with.

Browse through it to find an article in which refugees, migrants or asylum seekers are mentioned. Read the article making notes about how the refugees, migrants or asylum seekers are talked about. You may undertake whatever analysis on the article that you see fit. Spend no more than about 15 minutes looking at the data, however. Then watch the lecture.’Comment_is_free___The_Guardian

I resisted the temptation to head straight for The Daily Mail/ Express, who are both so well known for their love of ‘foreigners’ and decided to stick to the letter of the task and choose a paper I am familiar with. So, woolly liberal lefty that I am, I found this article on The Guardian within about two mins.

Now for the hard part. Having joined the MOOC late, pretty much skipping week 1 and really just skim reading through the articles in week 2, I now find myself being tasked with putting into practice something I’m really not so confident at.

And that was a it. I didn’t get any further – either with this task or with the MOOC. It just never became something that became enough a priority to pursue. Sitting alone watching video after video after video (or reading transcript after transcript) just isn’t doing it for me.

Are MOOCs not really my thing, or have I not found a subject I’m interested in enough to pursue.

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