Digital Distractions or Necessary Networking #corpusMOOC

week 2 progress

week 2 progress

As I previously said, I’m learning that watching video lectures is problematic for me – so this morning I have skimmed through all the transcripts of lectures for week 2, while simultaneously completing the quiz. Not surprisingly, I got 100% on my first attempt! Although, I will admit that some of the questions were tricky and it took some unpicking of the terminology to figure out which could be the correct answer.

week 2 quiz

week 2 quiz

So this morning I have been reminded of some terms that I was already familiar or aware of, such as collocation and semantic preference, and others that are new to me, such as discourse prosody and colligation. I was thinking it would be interesting to return to the quiz at a later date to see how much I remembered, but doing that now it seems that your given answers remain, which is a shame.

Having completed this, rather than take in any more new information I decided to explore the course a little more. I went back to some of the sections and read through the comments. This was interested as it gave me a chance to see these new terms being used again and also to start to get a feel for others doing that course.

What’s quite interesting for me here is that, were this a face to face course I would probably be quite an active participant. Taking part in group discussions and confident in asking questions. But in all the MOOCs I’ve taken part in, I find I am often reluctant to join in discussions and this is also true here. Initially I wonder if this is around the sheer volume of comments and the fact that I am not sure if I have anything new to add.

After looking through some comments I went back and completed my profile page – I think this is me actually admitting that I’m going to give this a go, like a public declaration of commitment. It was at this stage that I found the ‘follow’ buttons and now I am in familiar Social Network Territory.

As I read through people’s comments and profiles I was thinking it would be cool to find others in the UK teaching ESOL to follow and maybe some international teachers too. It didn’t take me too long to come across a name I recognised from the ESOL Twittersphere – and from there just a short step to finding fellow ESOL teachers that I actually know.

Just how important is this social networking going to be in keeping up the motivation to continue? Only time will tell.

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