Memorable Moments 2013 #1: Tech for Learning EV Visit

The academic year 12/13 has been a roller coaster ride. It’s good to get to the end of the year and still get high on that End Of Term Buzz. It’s a potent reminder about what I love about my job.

Memorable Moment #1

Watching the City & Guilds EV watching the video from the Technology and Beyond learning fair and seeing her recognise the hard work and enthusiasm from the tutors on the course.

The learning fair was the final unit of the Technology for Learning Delivery Course that I’ve run for the first time this year. This unit is around dissemination.

For me this whole event has summed up the course. It showed how each tutor has taken their own path through the course, but has drawn on the skills and expertise of each other to create a really powerful learning community. We had seven Learning Pods, each focused on a different learning technology:

  • Twitter
  • Socrative
  • Padlet
  • Google Drive
  • Facebook/texttomindmap/free maths apps/Pinterest

So while each pair planned independently of each other working on each technology, there were strong group themes for the event. These included co-ordinated feedback cards, posters and  I think what I loved most – t-shirts.

I think it took me a couple of days to come down from this. In fact, I am still grinning.

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