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October 23, 2012research,


Title: How do mobile technologies effect collaboration between tutors and students in Higher Education?

I hadn’t realised just hard important, or how difficult it is to find a title for a project. After working alone on various versions I shared one idea that popped into my head over lunch with my peers. This was met with positive nods and it seemed like I’d done it.

Discussions with my LSIS mentor proved it was not to be. It took further discussions to come up with the above title and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

How are the pairings of HE tutors and students formed and sustained
What can we learn from these relationships for effective learning
collect a series of case studies which describe the journey participants took when exploring the use of mobile technology together
what lessons can be learned from these case studies

Shifts in my project
Previously I had been focusing on the group of tutors and students as a whole and thinking about how these tutors be connected in order to share and learn together. The difficulty is, and always was, geography and time constraints. Getting this group of people from 4 different curriculum teams and three different locations together was always a challenge.

By shifting the focus away from this larger community of practice onto the relationships between the pairing of tutors and students addresses this issue. Now, instead of organising specific meetings for these people to meet, I will invite them to attend BYOD groups already running and hope that they can make these meetings. This makes the process a little more organic, takes me out of the equation more (as anyone in the organisation can organise this kind of activity and anyone is welcome) and opens the project up to the college as a whole.

Next Steps
I need to consider how to share what I’ve learnt during the residential with this group of tutors and students. This needs to be concise and informative, and not do my usual blog-style ramble. They are busy people and I don’t want to be sharing something that is not interesting to them.

I need to send out reminders about contributing their October post and think about if I want to set a theme for this. I want to do a post where I summarise how each tutor has found a student to work with, so I’m not sure if I want the theme to be around this or around their initial use of the iPads. Maybe I’ll give some suggestions but also give the option of leaving this open for them to choose.

I need to undertake a literature review. Suggestions from this residential have been to look for things around flattening hierarchies and mobile technologies in education. The challenge for the first one will be around finding appropriate articles as this is a new area for me while the challenge for the second is around there being so many reports on this.

  1. Philippa says:

    Looks like you are really moving on with your project Cathy. I’m really looking forward to seeing it working at KC and reading your paper.

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