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I actually enjoyed class today. I know – only 4 weeks in, and 4 weeks of stressing and nerves and over planning – but today I felt relaxed and ready to take on the 16-18 tech challenge. I could grow attached to this group.

I had a colleague, from my Teaching Triangle, come to class today and I few things stood out for me from our discussion.

Busy Students

My colleague said she could see that the students were busy, and generally on task, for most of the lesson. She said she was impressed to see that even with only 10 mins of the lesson to go I had a planned task (a word search) for them to work on. Even though some of them grumbled about doing this, they did in the end all get started on it, and for some I had to get them to stop to end the lesson!

This week it was the laptops that let me down (no battery) so at one point I had half the class two floors below in the flexi centre. Jatinder told me even with no teacher in the the room she could see they were on task and helping each other.

Keeping Calm

ThisĀ  week I felt the most relaxed with the students. I didn’t have any of the ‘miss, miss miss’ issues of previous weeks, and even dealing with the most challenging student in the group I felt I just took it all in my stride. Jatinder said this was something that she had noted, that I was calm and direct and clear about what I expected from the students. This was good to hear.

Technical hiccups: iPads, laptops and dropbox

One of the first things my colleague said was how hard it was teaching and IT class. Actually, I really enjoyed the lesson and was very impressed with how the students took the technology in their stride. Yes, it was a bit manic and no, not everything went to plan. But by the end everyone managed to print something showing images and prices of technologies they had researched. So result!

The iPad tasks went pretty smoothly this week. They had to choose any five technologies, then search for the price and an image, which they had to save on the iPad and crop as necessary. These images were then uploaded onto Dropbox (I’d already set the dropbox account onto each Class iPad so it did it straight away) None of the students had any issues with any of these things and said they really enjoyed using the iPads.

The laptops were the first hiccup. No battery. Some wouldn’t boot up. Others lasted a short time. Answer: run down to the flexi and grab a bunch of PCs. Set four of the students up there and leg it back up 2 flights of stairs to the classroom.

I’m not sure if it was Dropbox or the college systems that let me down. The plan had been for the students to download the images they’d found on the iPads and use these to make a poster showing the prices of their technology. Only one PC would actually download the images. arrggghhhhh. So we had to resort to either searching for new images, or copy and paste from Dropbox. Again, they just took this in their stride and carried on with the task.

What was really lovely was their reaction when I showed them all their pictures, from their individual iPads, all in one place in the Dropbox folder on the PC. They were totally impressed with this! Not sure if I really explained Cloud Storage too well though.

I already knew they could copy and paste from the Internet, I had actually wanted them to practice inserting pictures from file. I’m still not too sure that they are confident with this. So I’m going to have to think of another way to practice this skill.

collaborative working

I think the thing I am most pleased about today is how the students have helped each other. They didn’t grumble (too much) when I asked them to sit in the same groups as last week. They worked together on the iPad task because they only had 1 iPad between 2 or 3. But even once using a laptop each they were helping each other get logged in and making their posters.

Next week ….. Excel. gulp.

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