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September 16, 2012social media
 Jump on the social media bandwagon

Jump on the social media bandwagon

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This summer I have joined a new social media site: Pinterest. I haven’t joined a new space in quite a long time, possibly the last one was Google+, which must have been over a year ago and LinkedIn just before that. Neither of which I particularly engage with.

Pinterest seemed pretty straightforward to join and start a board, although my inital plan of pinning places I visited over the summer didn’t actually happen! It does seem that my personal use of social media gets swamped by my professional use, and as I use it so much for work and study that I don’t seem that bothered about engaging for pure leisure stuff! Does that make me a little odd??

With that personal/professional divide having two surnames is starting to become a little complicated. I use my married name at home, in all things personal and on Facebook. I use my maiden name at work, for all my studies & therefore feel that I should use this one for my PLN too.

This makes signing up for any new social media not so straight forward & I now find myself having to consciously think about what my main use of the site with be and therefore which name I will use.

With Pinterest I initially signed up with my married name, and while I did initially start with some personal boards I’ve found I’ve explored it further once I’ve returned to work & built a couple of professional boards. So I’ve since gone back and changed my name to my maiden name and linked my account to Twitter, so the same picture and user name (cathywint) is used.

The first board I have made with an real conviction has been linked to my Research and Sholarly Activity project this year. This board has links to all the (free) apps that I use regularly on the iPad and is a mixture of reviews, how to videos and promotional videos. I really like the way this looks.

I have looked at some personal stuff on Pinterest too, and strangely find myself drawn to the home/DIY pins. Now that is oddly geeky!?

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