Ten people I follow and why

November 11, 2011social media,

This is in response to the Twitter Challenge: Ten People I Follow and
Why. I’ve been actively tweeting for about 6 months now, although I
spent several weeks as a fascinated observer blown away by the passion
and zeal of so many professionals I finally bit the bullet and started
to contribute too. I now follow about 90 people (just had a small cull)
and have those Small Niggly Doubts about what my 66 followers take from
my micro-rambles. Here are ten people that always make me sit up
slightly when I see their tweets:

I’d had a twitter account for a while but not really used it until I
went to a session run by Cheryl, so I have her to thank for guiding me
into the fabulous world of twitter. My starting point was to look at the
people she was following which led me straight to #edtech #lrnlearn


I met Sue initially at the same session I met @cherylren and have been
following her from the beginning. Meeting her again at another Hudd Uni
event was great and we got to spend time talking technology and learning
in the HE setting.


This is a fairly new follow for me, and while sometimes I find there is
quite a lot of information shared by Paul I like the technology slant to
his posts. Being a new owner of a sparkling ipad and iphone I’m on a
huge learning curve, both in terms of the technologies and how to use
them to support teaching and learning. Paul is helping me on the


Tom comes from a schools background and is using #classblogs creatively
with his classes. He’s a huge advocate for using Twitter to create your
PLN and a fairly new find for me.


Sam sits right behind me in the office, yet we seem to be ships that
pass in the night. I love working with Sam, I like to think we
compliment each other well. He keeps me grounded in the teaching and
always has something to say to challenge the status quo, and this comes
through his tweets.


I’d met Chris a couple of times before I started following him and he
has since joined the college I work at. He actively participates in the
ESOL discussions and I love that my Twitter World has meshed nicely with
my Work World.


@englishraven @harrisonmike @DaveDodgson
One of the things I love so much about Twitter is the vast array of
thought provoking blog posts and of those tweets that interest me enough
to follow a link, I often find myself at either Jason’s, Mike’s or
Dave’s blog. Of all the great ESOL bloggers out there they are
definitely high on my appreciation list.

One of my few non-education follows. Mark reminds me to step outside of
my own little bubble of FE and ESOL and to look out into the wider world
of inequality and injustice.
It was quite a struggle to pick out only 10 people as I take so much
from Twitter and it is having such a positive impact on my CPD that
everyone is important to me. Having completed this I am now thinking
about who are the last 10 people I chose to follow and why. Watch this


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