Adventures on a sofa with an iPad: CPD in action

Flipboard forms my usual morning reading material, but today I felt a little more like video stimulation, so with Small Wint in school and Big Wint in the office I sat down with coffee and the TED app on my iPad. The first talk to catch my attention was Markham Nolan: How to separate fact and fiction online , and although he talks predominantly about journalism I thought some of the themes had connections to discussions we’ve been having in my Technology for Learning Delivery class on online identity and authenticating sources.I shared this link via my Twitter feed.

Following the related themes and tags link in the app took my to the tag ‘internet’ and here I found Christopher “moot” Poole: The case for anonymity online. Not having heard of 4chan or mOOt I have to admit that I was intrigued by the talk, by the idea of anonymity online and thought this provided an alternative view to the one we’d been discussing in class – that we need to consider own online identity, issues of privacy and professionalism and authenticating sources. I shared this link via email onto the class blog.

My next port of call was the Posterous app. I’ve used Posterous for a long time, but rarely use the app, on either the iPhone or thePosterous Reader

iPad. This is changing as the students on the course are setting up their own Posterous accounts, I’m finding that using the Reader on the app is a great tool for keeping in touch with all these blogs I now follow.

In the Reader, I saw the post and followed the link as I was curious where this would lead (having posted the link from the app on the iPad). It, unsurprisingly, took me to the TED website – where I was surprised to find comments. I was even more surprised to find the nature of the comments and learned a little of the history of 4chan and the presenter. The more I read, the more I felt that I’d possibly not made the best choice of video to publish to the course blog.

I then went back to the Posterous app and added a comment to my original post saying as much. I am still in two minds about whether to go remove the post all together ………

So far so comfy. I am still sitting comfortably on the sofa, coffee now drunk, iPad in full flow. Time for another drink and to get down to the business of the day – to do some work on my LSIS research project.

Screen shot from Noteability

Screen shots from my iPad

With tea & iPad stylus at the ready, I bravely opened my work emails, did a quick search to find the email with the upcoming residential resources and proceeded to open each attachment and save them into Noteability. I’ve finally got my head around the organisational tools in Noteability, and have set up a category for LSIS RDF with five subjects underneath to help me manage my research project. It was therefore pretty easy to move each of the five attachments into the relevant place and I’ve read through the two pre-residential articles we’ve been sent.

What I love about Noteability is that you can annotate straight onto the iPad, just as you would one a print out. It has taken me a while to get my head around organising the documents, and I don’t know if that’s more to do with me than the app, but I feel that I have made the right choice in using Noteability to manage my research project.

And that is my morning on the sofa. Is it work or CPD? CPD or scholarly activity? Does it matter? I think I need a small reward – off out for lunch.

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